Emergency Management Coordinator – .6 FTE position


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Emergency Management Specialist – .6 FTE position



  • Have an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification in the state of Wisconsin.
  • BLS certification.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal communication, team building, and multitasking skills.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications.
  • Knowledge of Quality Improvement principles.
  • Able to flex hours periodically to engage and educate evening/night/weekend staff on evacuation and other emergency preparedness skills.
  • Able to facilitate and participate in organizational as well as local and regional drills and exercises to include evening/night/weekend staff.
  • Willingness to assist with and/or coordinate additional activities related to emergency management priorities as identified and/or assigned.


Qualifications Desired:

  • HAM radio operator’s license or willingness to obtain.
  • Knowledge of the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System.
  • Previous experience in a southwest Wisconsin EMT service.
  • Previous experience/interaction with Emergency Medical Services.
  • Haz-Mat training experience.
  • Prior teaching/training experience.


Role Summary:

The Emergency Management Specialist is responsible for all phases of the development, implementation, coordination, training, and evaluation of the Emergency Management plan and associated programs and activities. This specialist role is responsible for the delegation and coordination of specific projects to other key organizational personnel to accomplish the necessary policy/procedure development and ongoing review. Designs and administers emergency/disaster preparedness training courses/classes that teach people how to effectively respond to disasters and emergencies. This position develops and maintains liaisons with municipalities, county departments, and similar entities in order to facilitate, plan, and develop response effort coordination. Additionally maintains and updates all resource materials associated with emergency preparedness plans. He or She will attend meetings, conferences and workshops related to emergency management in order to learn new information and to develop working relationships with other emergency management specialists. This specialist is responsible for the data collection and submission to the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Management systems, HRSA, and any other governing body related to the Emergency Management expectations for health care organizations, as well as apply for federal funding for emergency management related needs and equipment. This position manages mass communication systems, such as Send Word Now, and other alternative communication systems within the organization, including satellite phone, radios, etc. This position acts as the Emergency Medical Services Liaison between Upland Hills Health and contracted EMS services. This specialist acts as an ambassador of Upland Hills Health at local and state level committee sessions, representing the organization in a professional and positive manner.






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